In computer programming, they use conditional statements such as “IF [condition] THEN”. This states that if a condition is true or false, then a certain output will be made depending on the condition.

if (age < 16)
    isChild = true;

I’ve borrowed this programming statement and modified it in a way that gives me a feeling of almost instant freedom and open possibility. My conditional statement is: IF NOT THIS (not this situation), THEN THAT (another situation).

Actually, it’s not really a conditional statement, it’s more of an unconditional statement.

The idea behind the unconditional statement is to create the inner mindset of non-attachment to any particular situation. It means that if a certain opportunity didn’t work out for you, another one is available. If someone declines an offer you make (offer for friendship, work, business, connection, etc…), then there is something else for you.

Using IF NOT THIS, THEN THAT helps you to let go of what you think you want and need. You begin to experientially realize that this is all fluid. IF NOT THIS, THEN THAT could also be translated as “Go with the flow.”.

Applying the unconditional statement helps us overcome fear; if this situation doesn’t work out, I can go over there. If this person I’m dating doesn’t work out, I’m sure I’ll meet someone else. We have to believe this even if we haven’t yet seen it. That’s a lot more helpful than the belief, “I’ll never find a job. I’ll never meet a cool guy/girl.”.

Living IF NOT THIS, THEN THAT means that you have an abundance mindset, even when the chips are down. You know that things can improve quickly. That’s why if you lose your secure, high-paying job, you don’t freak out. You realize that a better opportunity might be coming your way. Or it could be your chance to travel. Or start your own business. Or begin a completely new lifestyle where a high-paying job isn’t really that important or necessary.

Use IF NOT THIS, THEN THAT when it seems like you’re not being presented with opportunities, when doors appear to be slamming shut and when you’re having “bad luck”.

Like Kermit the Frog said, “It’s not easy being unconditional.” I think he said that. Or something like that. Whatever. Maybe it was Yoda who said it.

What are your thoughts on IF NOT THIS, THEN THAT? Leave a comment below or email me personally.


  1. I like coming across such jewels as this to keep my mindset buoyant and as you put, in a state of abundance. Thanks mang!

  2. Really loved this article Nigel. I passed it on to several friends who told me how helpful it was to think, “If not this, then that.”. Very beautiful, eloquent, and simple. Thank you

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