Coaching Client Testimonials

Here’s what my clients are saying about the accountability coaching program.

Nigel Cook online accountability coach
Nigel Cook
Accountability Coach
Nigel’s approach is consistent, and most importantly, practical. His clear, calm support meant I was able to get through an extended rebuilding process and re-launch my business. The daily email updates and action tracker help me be more honest with myself about what I said I would do versus what I actually do.

The monthly calls help me shape my month ahead, and the habit tracker has helped me improve all aspects of my life from reducing sugar to daily productivity. 

Nigel isn’t just an accountability coach; he’s an objective, keen-eyed coach in my corner. I now count Nigel as an integral part of my team. His attention to detail, support and calm approach to “getting things done” is wonderful.

He’s the best in the business. He doesn’t work to some generalised template, nor does he get judgemental and dramatic if plans go awry. He’s practical, consistent, present and supportive. I highly recommend him. Thank you, Nigel!
Tina Konstant
Coaching Client
Having an accountability coach like Nigel has helped me stay on track with my most important goals and activities. 
On top of having someone holding me accountable, Nigel’s ability to provide insights and suggestions has helped me to better focus on the actions that make the largest positive impact in my life. 
I started coaching with Nigel in October 2016 (6 years ago!) and since then, I have been able to achieve some of my biggest goals and continue to focus on improving the most important areas of my life. 
I highly recommend Nigel’s accountability coaching to anyone seeking to achieve their goals and become a better version of themselves.
Michael Heu
Coaching Client
“The accountability coaching program kept me on track and continuously moving towards my goals! The constant follow-up and knowledge that Nigel is going to ask me what I accomplished, keeps me taking action. I think that without the program, I might have given up on my dream. I’ve certainly had ups and downs but Nigel keeps me on the path of marching towards my goals. He is very thorough in his meetings and gives great advice and suggestions on how to achieve my goals faster.”
Judy Bilby
Coaching Client
Working with Nigel boosted my performance and provided a much-needed sounding board. Setting goals each week and then reviewing them really helped keep me on track.

Nigel’s accountability coaching style was friendly, supportive, and constructive and I liked the sense of having a partner who I could share my struggles with.
Chris Hough
Coaching Client
I’m one of the owners of one of the top private real estate brokerages in the country, with offices in 18 states and almost 4,000 agents (as well as managing 200 directly). Additionally, I have a construction company and investment company, and I help my MD wife run a charity, so I am very busy!
After I noticed my productivity was starting to slip and I just wasn’t getting the results on my own that I felt I should be getting, I went looking for a quality coach and found Nigel about 3 years ago. I started to implement the tools Nigel provided me and I made things habitual instead of “happenstance”. I now exercise when I should, I am learning a new language every day, and I’m getting the things done that count the most in my business.
I have worked with other coaches in the past and most of them were good but with Nigel I went from “good” to “great”. The reason that I love the service and coaching is that it’s not just set in stone and I don’t have to fit myself into it.  Nigel tailors the program to my needs and makes it individual to me and my crazy world.
Nigel truly cares, it’s not just business for him. We book a 30-minute call every month (my favorite time) and he takes extra time in the call to understand my needs and to get to know me on a personal level. He has become not only a coach but also a friend that I respect. Nigel does what he says he will do and then some.
Randall Wall
Coaching Client

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personal coach
Nigel Cook
Accountability Coach

I offer a free 30-minute consultation so you can get a real taste of accountability coaching.

This is not a sales call. It’s a genuine opportunity for you to try accountability coaching for yourself and to see if we work well together.

There is no commitment nor obligation. By the end of your call:

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And you’ll quickly see if accountability coaching is right for you.

Let’s talk about your goals and challenges.
This is not a sales call. I’m focused on giving you the best help possible.

I have been working with Nigel for 2 years now (since summer of 2020). Initially, I thought it was going to be a quick fix to help me develop daily habits to maintain a more balanced and healthy life. Nigel was instrumental in the development of these habits that continue to evolve and become more meaningful to helping me achieve optimum performance when it comes to living day-to-day life with purpose and intention.  
I have continued to work with Nigel as I find it beneficial to have someone in my corner to help me stay on point regardless of what life situations transpire. I am a father, husband, and serial entrepreneur who has many interests so it is not easy to maintain structure on a daily basis. Having a coach like Nigel ensures that I minimize the amount of time where I am off-track or distracted, since we both know that having a good foundation based on quality, healthy daily habits is the key to my short and long-term success.   
Nigel has the life experience, credibility and that rare level of empathy to understand what may be holding me back at any given time. His ability to help me stay focused on what matters most is extremely valuable to me. I highly recommend Nigel as a success coach/personal coach.
Brent Thomson
Coaching Client
Accountability coaching helps me choose what habits to focus on based on my goals, and to consistently improve those habits over time. When I fall off-track, the coaching helps me reset and get back into a consistent routine again. Without coaching, I would have lost my focus years ago. Coaching allows me to re-focus on the habits and tasks again and move forward.
I like that the coaching program is simple and that it doesn’t add a lot of extra to-do’s to my week. I can quickly and easily complete the tracking sheet throughout the week, plus I can measure my progress in a simple, straightforward way.
The weekly accountability report is also very simple and it forces me to reflect on my accomplishments and challenges for the week. Recognizing even small wins has often helped me gain momentum for the next week, and recognizing challenges often reveals mistakes I’m making or identifies habits that would be helpful in overcoming those challenges.
Updating the tracker each week with new weekly tasks also forces me to hone in on what the most important tasks are related to the goals I’ve set for the month. I like that the coaching program is flexible – I can change my goals, tasks, and habits when I need to without a lot of fuss.
I’ve gone from not writing at all to writing very regularly and ultimately deciding that I’m ready to focus on my writing 100% of the time.  I hired Nigel to help me get back into writing and he has helped me establish a daily writing habit that allowed me to overcome my overwhelm and enjoy writing again. As a result, I started to believe in my dream of becoming a professional writer. Over the past few years, he’s helped me to maintain the habits I need to attain my goals, complete my writing projects, and prepare to be a professional writer.
Carrie Fitch
Coaching Client
It’s impossible to be unproductive and or make slow progress on your goals if you are working with Nigel. The level of accountability he offers in his coaching program is absolutely amazing!
I loved the initial call before starting to work together. He gave me some very relevant pointers on what to focus on and everything was solid advice. Even though I already had my own set of ideas, he managed to find things I didn’t even know were important. The weekly review and constant feedback kept me in the loop, plus the daily accountability helped me stay on top of things as well.
One incredible super power that Nigel has, is that he’s able to offer a lot of insights, and he points out just one or two main actions that deal with the entire problem I laid out for him.
If you’re looking to get someone to help you stay accountable to your goals, Nigel is a straight-up solid choice!
Sergio Felix
Coaching Client
Having worked with Nigel for well over a year by now, I am happy to report that having a productivity coach has had a BIG positive impact on my life and especially on my business.
What’s really special about Nigel is that he’s not simply following a set of lists and questions, and that’s it… He actually gets to know you and your goals very well and keeps on doing whatever is possible to push you closer to achieving them, with ideas for new habits, ways to stay accountable, and other success strategies.
He went above and beyond what’s expected in many cases (for example, staying in contact with me every day during my most “procrastination-friendly” time of day in order to ensure I have my eyes set on the goal and that I get to work!).
If you’re like me (and everyone else in the world) and have issues sticking to your goals, and you want to move faster and more efficiently on your projects (not just business-related!), then reach out to Nigel for a chat to see how he could help you – I guarantee you won’t regret it. Thanks Nigel!
Jan Brzeski
Coaching Client
I’ve been working with Nigel for 2 years, and in that time my life and career have improved absolutely. When I started in July 2020, I was 9 months into a full-time venture to find and buy a business. I had no income for the past 9 months and was living off my dwindling savings in a $100/week rooming house. Once I was out of cash, the venture would effectively be over because it required total dedication over a long period to have a chance of succeeding.
Despite my desperate financial situation, as soon as I found Nigel I decided to sign up. Prior to Nigel’s coaching, I would go through months-long periods of hyper-activity followed by months-long periods of idleness. I believed with Nigel’s help, I would be able to eliminate the idle periods and sustain my productivity.
I was right. In April 2021, I acquired my first company and over the next 12 months, I acquired 3 more. I have also lost over 40 lbs during my time with Nigel. Daily check-ins, daily accountability, have been the critical defining factor that has allowed me to completely transform my life over the last 2 years.
Kyle C.
Coaching Client
I’ve been working with Nigel for nearly 6 years now (since November 2016).  We do monthly calls, as well as text-based check-ins, to help keep me accountable for my habits and goals.  Nigel has so many great insights into how to tweak and manage habits so they actually get done…day-after-day, week-after-week.  

Every time we chat, I come away with 2-3 game-changing ideas.  Thanks to his guidance, I’ve done everything from dropping 15 pounds of excess weight to getting my sleep up to an average of 7.5 hours per night.  Best part of it all, because we do the monthly calls and weekly check-ins…when I achieve something…it sticks.  And because I continue to work with him, I am lucky enough to always be improving.  Never slipping back.  

So if you’ve tried everything from studying online courses to using new apps or reading bestselling book on habits, but still find yourself slipping back into old habits, then hire Nigel.  Commit to 1 month of coaching support with him.  And by the end of that, if you’re anything like me and have enjoyed great results, you’ll want to continue working with him indefinitely.  And as funny as it sounds – having Nigel in your corner, allows you to play life on ‘easy mode’. Good habits, good life.  
Rob McAuliffe
Coaching Client
I have been working with Nigel for several years (since February 2020). It has been fantastic to have someone listen to my struggles, and suggest possible solutions, every step of the way.

With Nigel, I’ve been able to work deeply to address my internal resistance to several desired habit-changes. I think Nigel’s capacity to work deeply and concretely, with proven change strategies, makes him an excellent coach. It’s also great to have someone “hold my feet to the fire”.
Coaching Client

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