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Judy Bilby Entrepreneur

This program has kept me on track and continuously moving towards my goals!

The constant follow-up and knowledge that Nigel is going to ask me what I accomplished, keeps me taking action. I think that without the program, I might have given up on my dream. I've certainly had ups and downs but Nigel keeps me on the path of marching towards my goals. He is very thorough in his meetings and gives great advice and suggestions on how to achieve my goals faster.


Coaching with Nigel was the only reason I got some things done in the months while working with him!

I loved the consistency that the online accountability coaching program provided. If I was ever late getting things reported to Nigel, he was always there to gently remind. It kept me on track and motivated. It made such a difference knowing that I needed to be accountable to him for taking action on my goals. If I was overwhelmed, he would break things down and emphasize the importance of taking small actions which was a huge help. Nigel provides great insights as to why you may not be accomplishing as much and this is a huge help. I loved the gentle encouragement. Nigel was always there making sure I followed through and he provided just the right amount of encouragement that I needed.

Amanda Romeo ... Actor


Luke Holland

Hire him - you won’t regret it!

I can’t recommend Nigel enough. I’m the sort of person who has a hectic schedule and, as a result, I need accountability to get those ‘extra’ things done - like hitting the gym regularly and making consistent progress on long-term goals. Since I began working with Nigel about six months ago I’ve seen real transformations in several areas of my life - like physical fitness and personal creative projects - that had been pushed to the side for literally years… in fact, make that decades! Some coaches don’t pay close attention in tracking your progress, but Nigel does and that makes all the difference. His positive energy and consistent encouragement when things get a little of track has enabled me to make the progress I had been wanting to make for as long as I can recall. Hire him - you won’t regret it!


Nigel is a very relaxed and approachable coach which makes it easier to work with him.

What I loved about the program was a gentle pressure to get stuff done; the weekly emails/check-ins helped, as well as the phone conferences.

The program helped me identify what was and was not working towards my goals, by continually looking at what challenges were getting in the way and how to avoid them. For me, what I'm taking away from the program is finding out that with my lifestyle and activities, it pays off to strive to be a morning person and tackling the tasks at hand earlier in the day; not sure if I would have found out on my own, and your coaching helped me because more efficient with my time to take on my goals.

Dean Niemiec