Ready to Make Massive Progress With Your Goals?

Get daily support and stay ultra-productive with your own online accountability coach.

Online Accountability Coach
Nigel Cook
Accountability Coach

Online Accountability Coaching for Fast Progress
on Your Professional and Personal Goals.

Finally Make the Progress You’ve Been Wanting.

Defeat procrastination, overcome distractions and blow past the challenges that have been holding you back.

Finish What You Start.

Take consistent action on your top goals. Complete overdue projects. Work on your start-up or side hustle.

Grow Your Business.

Boost revenue. Establish marketing habits. Reach more customers.

Hit Your Career Goals.

Meet your sales targets and other work targets. Make career advancement a reality.

Achieve More.

Better health. More time for personal goals. Stronger relationships with friends and family.

The Accountability Coaching System

As an online accountability coach, I will help you:

  • Stay organized and productive
  • Build success habits that stick
  • Become more focused and disciplined
  • Plan and take action on your most important tasks
  • Overcome challenges and setbacks
  • Feel motivated and focused
  • Grow your business and hit your revenue goals
  • Follow through on your commitments and projects

In our call, I’ll review your biggest goal-related challenges with you, plus solutions.

Find out how the coaching program could support you with your specific goals.

Nigel has the life experience, credibility and that rare level of empathy to understand what may be holding me back at any given time. His ability to help me stay focused on what matters most is extremely valuable to me. I highly recommend Nigel as a success coach/personal coach.

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Brent Thomson
Coaching Client
Nigel tailors the program to my needs and makes it individual to me and my crazy world. Nigel truly cares, it’s not just business for him. We book a 30-minute call every month (my favorite time of the month) and he takes extra time in the call to understand my needs and to get to know me on a personal level. He has become not only a coach but also a friend that I respect. Nigel does what he says he will do and then some.

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Randall Wall
Coaching Client

Frequently Asked

If you have questions about the accountability coaching program, book a free 30-minute call with me. I’ll also review your current goals and challenges with you.

Online accountability coach
Nigel Cook
Accountability Coach

We’ll focus on getting you to take action and to keep taking action. We won’t just talk during our coaching sessions; I’ll help you create an achievable action-plan each and every week. It’s a system that is simple, easy-to-follow and effective. You get support every step of the way until you reach your goals. Read the full answer here.

To get you the best results, we’ll focus on 2 or 3 of your main goals and a few secondary goals. If needed, we can add support habits and success routines, such as: exercise, productivity habits or morning routines. Read the full answer here.

We’ll work together on a monthly basis so that you have ongoing support and accountability. You can take the program for 1 month or as long as you want to. My mission is to get you results as fast as we can. Read the full answer here.

Not exactly. Although the accountability aspect of the coaching program is what makes it so effective, I also focus on supporting you and offering you solutions to your most problematic challenges. We set action steps that are achievable for you so that you can be successful each week with the program. Read the full answer here.

I’m from Vancouver Island, Canada but I sometimes coach from abroad. I ensure availability for my clients, wherever they are located. I work with clients via email and Skype, Wire or Zoom. I always reply within 24 hours and I consistently show up on time for all our coaching appointments. See my full bio here.

Definitely! When we’re setting up your action plan, we’ll talk about the habits you want to cultivate and the habits that you want to avoid or minimize. We can also include any morning and evening routines that you want to follow. You’ll track your habits in our online goal/habit-tracker which I’ll review daily so that I can see exactly how you’re doing. Full accountability works!

Book a Free Coaching Call

Test out how accountability coaching helps you make faster progress on your goals

online accountability coach
Nigel Cook
Accountability Coach

Book a free 30-minute consultation so you can get a real taste of accountability coaching.

This is not a sales call. It’s a genuine opportunity for you to try online accountability coaching for yourself and to see if we work well together.

There is no commitment nor obligation. By the end of your call:

  • You’ll have more clarity on your goals
  • You’ll get insights into possible solutions to your challenges
  • You’ll know exactly which first steps to take to reach your goals faster

And you’ll quickly see if accountability coaching is right for you.

Working with Nigel boosted my performance and provided a much-needed sounding board. Setting goals each week and then reviewing them really helped keep me on track. Nigel’s accountability coaching style was friendly, supportive, and constructive and I liked the sense of having a partner who I could share my struggles with.

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Chris Hough
Coaching Client
Nigel isn’t just an accountability coach; he’s an objective, keen-eyed coach in my corner. I now count Nigel as an integral part of my team. His attention to detail, support and calm approach to “getting things done” is wonderful. He’s the best in the business. He doesn’t work to some generalised template, nor does he get judgemental and dramatic if plans go awry. He’s practical, consistent, present and supportive. I highly recommend him. Thank you, Nigel!

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Tina Konstant
Coaching Client

Accountability Coaching Programs

Make real progress on your goals. Book a free coaching call.


Daily Email Support + Monthly Call

$275 USD / month

  • 30-minute coaching call every MONTH
  • One-on-One Custom Coaching
  • Unlimited Accountability Check-ins
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Daily Review of Your Goal and Habit-Tracker
  • Custom Action Plan and Weekly Planning
  • Solutions for Your Challenges
  • Total Accountability for Your Tasks, Projects and Habits
  • Experienced Coaching Advice (Coaching Since 2012)
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee (If you’re not completely happy with the coaching program, I’ll refund you immediately.)


Daily Email Support + Weekly Calls

$375 USD / month

  • 15-minute coaching call every WEEK
  • Includes everything in Premier Accountability (with weekly calls instead of monthly calls)
  • More support, more accountability
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee (If you’re not completely happy with the coaching program, I’ll refund you immediately.)

In our call, I’ll review your biggest goal-related challenges with you, plus solutions.
Find out how the coaching program could support you with your specific goals.

Accountability Coaching Client Testimonial

I’ve been working with Nigel for 2 years now, and in that time my life and career have improved absolutely. Prior to Nigel’s coaching, I would go through months-long periods of hyper-activity followed by months-long periods of idleness. I believed with Nigel’s help, I would be able to eliminate the idle periods and sustain my productivity. I was right. In April 2021, I acquired my first company and over the next 12 months, I acquired 3 more. I have also lost over 40 lbs during my time with Nigel. Daily check-ins, daily accountability, have been the critical defining factor that has allowed me to completely transform my life over the last 2 years.

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Kyle C.
Coaching Client

Your Online Accountability Coach

Hi, I’m Nigel Cook.

As your dedicated online accountability coach, I will help you plan and take action on your goals.

Since 2012, I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers and career professionals achieve both their business/professional goals and personal goals.

Click below to read my full bio and see the experience and training I use with my clients to get them fast results.

Warm regards,
Accountability Coach

online accountability coach
Nigel Cook
Accountability Coach

My coaching process

You and I will work closely together to make sure that you’re setting weekly and monthly actions. I’ll follow up with you so that you stay on track, even when you face inevitable challenges.

  • Daily Accountability
  • Support by Email and Audio Calls
  • Online Goal and Habit-Tracking

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Accountability Coaching Client Testimonials

“The accountability coaching program kept me on track and continuously moving towards my goals! The constant follow-up and knowledge that Nigel is going to ask me what I accomplished, keeps me taking action. I think that without the program, I might have given up on my dream. I’ve certainly had ups and downs but Nigel keeps me on the path of marching towards my goals. He is very thorough in his meetings and gives great advice and suggestions on how to achieve my goals faster.”

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Judy Bilby
Coaching Client
I started coaching with Nigel in October 2016 (7 years ago!) and since then, I have been able to achieve some of my biggest goals and continue to focus on improving the most important areas of my life. I highly recommend Nigel’s accountability coaching to anyone seeking to achieve their goals and become a better version of themselves.

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Michael Heu
Coaching Client

Ready To Make
Massive Progress On Your Goals?

In our call, I’ll review your biggest goal-related challenges with you, plus solutions.
Find out how the coaching program could support you with your specific goals.