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Accountability Coaching Keeps You Focused and Ultra-Productive

Overcome your challenges and make faster progress with your goals.

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Nigel Cook, Accountability Coach

Work with your own personal accountability coach​

As an online accountability coach, I’ll help you:

  • create a clear plan to achieve your goals
  • cultivate powerful success habits
  • overcome procrastination

With coaching, you’ll take way more action than if you continue to go it alone.

Book a free call to discover how the accountability coaching program works.

I’ll review your goals and challenges with you, and you’ll know right away if accountability coaching is right for you.

Your Online Accountability Coach

Hi, I’m Nigel Cook.

As your dedicated accountability coach, I will help you plan and take action on your goals.

Since 2012, I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers and career professionals achieve both their business/professional goals, as well as their personal goals.

Click below to read my full bio and see the experience and training I use with my clients to get them fast results.

Warm regards,
Accountability Coach

Online accountability coach
Nigel Cook
Accountability Coach

Coaching Client Testimonials

Here’s what my accountability coaching clients are saying about the program.

“Having Nigel by my side has really helped me and the Skype calls have been essential in encouraging me to take action. Because Nigel and I speak and he follows the journey I’m going through, not completing actions is letting him down as well because I’m telling him my intentions and therefore, motivated to follow through.”
Lennart Hansen
Coaching Client
“Nigel worked with me to develop an ongoing appreciation of structure, focus and accountability. He was professional and was committed to my project. He had a calming effect on my unsorted, chaotic business ideas and helped me to ground my true objectives. Nigel, you are a tremendous accountability coach. Thank you!”
Marlene Lucas
Coaching Client
“I highly recommend Nigel. Since I began working with Nigel about six months ago, I’ve seen real transformations in several areas of my life – like physical fitness and personal creative projects – that had been pushed to the side for literally years… in fact, make that decades! Some coaches don’t pay close attention in tracking your progress, but Nigel does and that makes all the difference. His positive energy and consistent encouragement when things get a little off-track has enabled me to make the progress I had been wanting to make for as long as I can recall. Hire him – you won’t regret it!”
Luke Holland
Coaching Client
“I like that the online accountability coaching program was no-nonsense and streamlined. I needed someone to hold me accountable to my study plans every week, someone who would check in with me and give me a friendly nudge. I knew what I needed to get done, but I needed a real person to answer to, not another automated website or app. Nigel checked in with me every week and this helped me take action and stay accountable. He provided a no-nonsense, practical solution for me at a reasonable cost.”
Pamela Meirsheimer
Coaching Client

Every Successful Person has an Advisor

personal coach
Nigel Cook
Accountability Coach

Get Supportive Accountability

If you’ve been working on your business, professional or personal goals on your own and haven’t been making much progress, it’s a game-changer to have a dedicated accountability coach on your side to support and advise you.

Reach Your Full Potential

I help goal-oriented people achieve more. More freedom, more prosperity and more success. Without sacrificing your health or happiness. 

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