I’ll admit, I was tempted to just write, “Yes. Yes it does.” and call it a day.  And while it might be the bare-naked truth as I know it, that’s just not going to cut it, is it?
And before continuing, one point I must shine a light on, is that my opinion on the matter is completely biased.  I mean, of course it has to be… I’m an accountability coach, after all. 

But that position also gives me an insider look. 
You see, I’ve witnessed accountability coaching work consistently over the years, with hundreds of clients, and so, I know it works.

But I’m still left with the challenge of demonstrating that success to you.
And truly, there is no better way than to let success speak for itself, so let me step aside for a moment and let it do just that with a few testimonials from my coaching clients.

Lennart Hansen, Accountability Coaching Client
Lennart Hansen, Accountability Coaching Client

“Having Nigel by my side has really helped me and the Skype calls have been essential in encouraging me to take action. Because Nigel and I speak, and he follows the journey I’m going through, not completing actions is letting him down as well, because I’m telling him my intentions and therefore, motivated to follow through.“

“I like that the online accountability coaching program was no-nonsense and streamlined. I needed someone to hold me accountable to my study plans every week, someone who would check in with me and give me a friendly nudge. I knew what I needed to get done, but I needed a real person to answer to, not another automated website or app. Nigel checked in with me every week and this helped me take action and stay accountable. He provided a no-nonsense, practical solution for me at a reasonable cost.”

Pamela Mearsheimer, accountability coaching client
Pamela Mearsheimer, accountability coaching client

Hard Proof That Accountability Coaching Works

You might be thinking, “Well, I see that accountability coaching works for them, but will it work for me?”
It’s a very good question, and so I took some time to answer it thoroughly in this article that will help you find out if accountability coaching is right for you.
And you might also be wondering if there is some hard data to accompany the social and anecdotal proof that I’ve shared.

Well, I thought you’d never ask.

Here it is… The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) recently conducted a study to calculate the probability of completing a goal with and without direct support, assistance and guidance.

And as you’ll see, the results are astounding.

They discovered that people have a 65% chance of reaching a goal if they have an accountability partner.

And that those chances rise to 95% when you establish an ongoing appointment with your accountability partner.

Here’s the complete breakdown:

  • 10% probability of completing your goal, promise, task or activity – If you have an idea or goal.
  • 25% probability of completing your goal, promise, task or activity – If you consciously decide you will do it.
  • 40% probability of completing your goal, promise, task or activity – If you decide when you will do it.
  • 50% probability of completing your goal, promise, task or activity – If you plan how you will do it.
  • 65% probability of completing your goal, promise, task or activity – If you commit to someone you will do it.
  • 95% probability of completing your goal, promise, task or activity – If you have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed to.

That’s powerful stuff and resounding evidence that accountability coaching really does work.

An Accountability Coach for an Accountability Coach

I thought I’d add one more stick to the fire here because it’s definitely worth mentioning.

I’m not just an accountability coach, I’m also a client.  You see, I use an accountability coach for myself. 
Because it works.  I get more done.  I’m more productive.  And I stick with my success habits.

Remember, accountability coaching is not a punishment.  It’s a support system that keeps you laser-focused, clear-headed and committed to taking action.

So, if you’re curious to try it for yourself, I offer a free consultation so you can get an idea of how it works. 

There’s absolutely zero commitment, and I’m not going to hard sell you.  I’m not even going to soft sell you!  I’m just not that kind of guy. 
If you click on the button below you’ll be able to schedule a time that works best for you and we can see if we’ll be a good fit for each other.

Here’s to your success!

Nigel Cook
Accountability Coach