If you’re reading this, I would guess it’s because you’re considering investing in some accountability coaching for yourself.

And you’re probably curious to know what the actual sessions are like before you make any kind of commitment.

That makes perfect sense to me.  I would want to know that as well.

And so, I’ve written this short article just for you, to give you an inside look at exactly what happens during the free initial coaching call and your first week of accountability coaching.

So, let’s get into it, shall we?

The First Session – Your Free Consultation

When we meet for your first session (I’ll phone you directly), we’ll spend the first part of your call discussing the goals that you are pursuing and the challenges you’ve been having with your goals.

This has to be the first step, and it can’t be overlooked, because your goals will determine the action steps that you have to take to achieve it.

Some clients come to me with a very clear goal and others have dreams and desires, but nothing crystallized.

So I’ll listen carefully, and if necessary, I’ll help you reach that point of clarity by prompting you with self-reflecting questions and investigating with you to determine your true priorities. 

We will also talk about the challenges you’ve been having and we’ll review some possible options or solutions for you.

Get Goal Clarity in Your Accountability Coaching Call

The free coaching call will give you clarity on your goals, some next steps for you, plus you’ll be able to see exactly how the personalized one-on-one coaching program works.

After the first coaching call, I’ll email you an invitation to join the accountability coaching program.

If you decide to join the full accountability coaching program, we will move on to the next step, which is making the “plan”.

Create your accountability action plan.
I’m ready to create an accountability action plan.

Your Personalized Action “Plan”

You’ll notice I’ve put “plan” in quotation marks. 

This is to draw attention to the fact that any plan must be flexible and open to change, due to the curve-balls and unforeseen obstacles that life has in store for you.

And so, to make your plan, we will take your goal as the endpoint, and reverse-engineer all the little steps you’ll have to take to get there.

This allows you to focus on one task at a time, so you can start to create momentum and dispel any feelings of overwhelm.

Your action plan will also include the success habits that you need to adopt and the ones that you need to drop.

These include habits to help you run your business more efficiently, increase your productivity, hit your career goals, as well as health and personal development habits. 

All of them are designed to help you level up and become more productive and professional in your daily life. 

Metrics and Tracking Give You Strong Accountability

On the first day of coaching, I’ll send out a small series of questions to help us formulate your action plan so I can get to know you and your goals better.

These questions will help us set achievable metrics, define what success looks like for you and set milestones to track your progress.

These metrics can be things like: number of sales made, number of cold calls, revenue earned, calories consumed, weight lost, hours worked, time spent on a certain habit, and so on.

We may also create a “general work schedule” for you, or a “daily schedule” to give you extra structure and support for your mission.

From experience, I can say that this is a real productivity booster for my clients who create a work/life schedule with me.

Next, I’ll organize all your tasks, habits, metrics and schedules into a customized online goal and habit tracker which you and I can review anytime.

This allows you to track how close you are to reaching your goals, which is vital for maintaining motivation. Plus, I can see exactly how things are going for you every day, so that we can quickly course-correct when needed.

The Accountability Coaching Begins

After we finalize your action plan, the actual accountability coaching will begin.  This will be through email or email plus coaching calls, depending on the accountability coaching program you have chosen.

Every week and every month, we’ll set deadlines for your tasks which I’ll then ask you about in our communications, thus holding you accountable.

We’ll also review your progress and discuss any challenges or issues that you have, as well as talking about solutions for how to overcome them.

By tracking your progress, and seeing you in action more closely, I’ll be able to give you insights and strategies on to how to accomplish your tasks quicker and more efficiently.

Consistent, frequent contact is the key to keeping you accountable, and it’s also the key to keeping you engaged in the coaching process. 

Things will inevitably come up that will distract you from your goals and take you off-course. But even when you’re bored, distracted or tired, knowing that you have to answer for your progress will keep you moving forward towards your goals.
That’s the beauty of accountability.

Accountability Coaching Helps You Take Massive Action

Of course, the best way to get an inside look at an accountability coaching session is to book one for yourself.

See what I did there? ; )

But seriously, if you’re reading this, and you’ve come this far, what are you actually waiting for? 

If you’re unsure if your investment will give you a positive return, I invite you to check out, “Does Accountability Coaching Actually Work?” and see what people have to say about it for themselves.

And if you want to try accountability coaching with zero obligation, you can make an appointment for a free consultation with me.

You won’t get the full-meal deal, but you’ll certainly be able to see if online accountability coaching is the right step for you to take. 

Here’s to your success!


Nigel Cook
Accountability Coach