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How to Focus and Complete Projects

Does this sound like you? You’ve got a lot of things you want to accomplish. So, you’re continuously juggling multiple projects and switching between tasks. As a result, you sometimes end up with a series of semi-completed projects or even abandoned projects and tasks. It seems to take forever for you to just get things […]

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Are You Practicing These 3 Financial Success Habits?

Let’s start off with a simple truth… Your habits create the future that you’re going to live. As your habits go, so do you. And that’s because we are the result of what we do each and every day. That’s another simple truth. Productive growth habits will create one possible future. Time-wasting destructive habits…. Another future. […]

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Fixed versus Growth Mindset?

“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” Perhaps you’ve heard this famous quote before. Normally it’s applied to the political and legal arena, but today I’m going to use it to discuss mindset. Tend your garden Your mindset is something that needs continual attention if you want it to be free of limiting beliefs. Cultivation […]

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A Simple Way to Boost Productivity

Hey there, I hope things are going really well for you this week. I know you’ve probably got a lot on your plate, juggling your livelihood, household tasks, time spent with family or friends, as well as personal events and activities…plus, I’m sure that you also like to get some sleep from time to time. […]

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How to Tame Your To-do List

Ah, the revered to-do list… You’ve probably got a love-hate relationship with it. I know I do. Even though I recommend that all my clients use to-do lists, I’m also aware of the potential pitfalls of using them. One of those pitfalls is that your list keeps growing bigger and you’re not checking off enough […]

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A Simple Mindset Technique to Help You Take More Consistent Action

One of the biggest struggles when going after your business goals, projects and personal goals is staying consistently motivated and taking consistent action. A common behaviour you might have is to have an erratic start-stop pattern, forgetting to work on goals, not having time, not having the energy and/or there’s always something else more important […]

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