I think you’ll enjoy this entertaining and insightful interview with Bruno West, who is a professional writer that works exclusively online. He is a digital nomad who drove from his home on Vancouver Island, Canada down to Nicaragua where he currently lives. He’s also a good friend of mine who I’ve known for over 25 years.

Here are some of the themes we discuss:

  • goal-planning and action-taking strategies such as reverse-engineering a goal
  • the negative impact of being connected and online all the time
  • the advantage of being a producer, not just a consumer
  • the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial/freelancer path
  • how to keep your motivation levels higher
  • being mindful of how pleasure and distraction affects you and your productivity
  • Bruno’s morning and evening routine, plus ideas for your own morning routine
  • going after goals and being involved in the process but staying open and non-attached to specific outcomes
  • how to deal with internal negativity and self-doubt while working on goals and projects
  • how to stay focused while working as a freelancer or entrepreneur

Click below to listen to the podcast. I know that you’ll get a lot of useful ideas from it that will help you become more productive and have better success with your habits.

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