Podcast Episode #2: Strategies for Productivity and Success Habits (Interview with Niklas Goeke)

August 3, 2017

In the podcast below, I have a conversation with Niklas Goeke, a writer and habit coach from Germany who is also pursuing a Master's degree in Management and Technology at the Technical School of Munich.

Nik is a prolific writer and you can find his work in many places over the web, including on Medium and Quora. His writing caught my attention because it's informal, fun-to-read and he offers practical advice in his articles.

When I read his material or watch his videos, I can tell that he's sincere in wanting to help people become the best version of themselves. It's obvious that he's done a ton of personal development work over the years. This is the kind of person that is ideal to learn from!

Click below to listen to the podcast. I know that you'll get a lot of useful ideas from it that will help you become more productive and have better success with your habits.

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