One of the biggest struggles when going after your business goals, projects and personal goals is staying consistently motivated and taking consistent action.

A common behaviour you might have is to have an erratic start-stop pattern, forgetting to work on goals, not having time, not having the energy and/or there’s always something else more important and urgent to do.

What’s the solution to this madness?

It all starts with your mindset and how you talk to yourself.

When something is important to you, really, really important… you are highly motivated and you WILL take action on it.

Great, you say…but how do I make something important?

By continually telling yourself that it’s important!

Think about sports fans who never miss a game or who spend all week waiting, in excited anticipation, about a big match or fight. That game or fight is on their minds all week. They are planning all other tasks around the 3-5 hours that the event will take. They’re thinking about how they’re going to get to the event, who they’re going to invite and maybe they’re researching information before the event about the teams or players involved.

What’s at the core of this? This sports fan is continually telling themselves and showing through their actions, that this event is really important.

You can do this too with your goals, habits and projects, just like the fevered sports fan.

Start with this simple technique: “This is important because…”

And then fill in the blank with as many reasons as possible.

Go deep on this and put some thought into it.

Once you have your reasons, continue to tell yourself your reasons every day, throughout the day.

For example:

“Working on my business is important because:

…if I don’t take action, I won’t be able to pay my rent or mortgage this month”

…I want to help people grow and I want to make an impact or contribution in this world.”

…I want to feel like I have a strong purpose.”

…I want to easily be able to afford to visit overseas family members whenever I need to.”

…I want to financially help out friends and family when needed.”

This is important AND I’m going to do it!

After boosting your motivation by telling yourself your goal is important, then next step is to take action.

Minimize over-planning, analyzing and thinking about a task, goal or habit. Instead, focus on implementing and taking action.

If you experience any internal resistance (fear, doubt, laziness, overwhelm, etc…), make your first action step as simple as possible.

Make it impossible for you NOT to take action.

Commit to your goals and commit to yourself. Do this repeatedly and you’ll see big results.

Until next time!


Nigel Cook
Accountability Coach
Holding Your Feet to the Fire

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