What do you do when you have a goal that you want to achieve? Does it just live in your mind, teasing you occasionally from a distance?

Do you find yourself saying you will get around to it when you have the time?

Well, if you want to get serious about achieving your goals, you need to take action, and you need to take it now.

There is no better time to get started, even if that means taking a proverbial baby step.

And that’s because that is how goals are achieved.

One step at a time.

Now, you might be wondering what does it look like to take action on your goals?

I thought you’d never ask!

The First Step is to Express Your Goals

To get started taking action towards accomplishing your goals, you need to take it out of the realm of your mind and put it down in writing.

This is the first step and it is important.

Something happens when you actively express your goal by putting pen to paper: It forces you to think clearly about what it is you actually want. Then you see it in front of you and it starts to take life.

Once it becomes an external object, it works to compel your behaviour in a way that it can’t do if it is only a thought that visits you from time to time.

Expressing Your Goals is Just the Beginning

There is reason why carpenters and designers start with rough sketches.

The idea is to make all the mistakes on paper, and flesh out the project into the smaller steps that are needed in order to reach the end-goal.

The same process applies with your personal or professional aspirations.

Once you clearly and externally express your goal, the next step is to deconstruct it into the action steps you will take one at a time.

This is a more involved process, but it is mandatory if you want to work efficiently towards your dream and not cave in to overwhelm.

Plan out your strategy, ask yourself the hard questions, and remember that the more details you cover, the greater chance of success you will enjoy.

Those hard questions can include, “What tasks/projects/goals have I been avoiding taking action on? What habits do I need to change in order to have success with my goals? What do I need to give up in order to have time/energy for my goals?” These are just a few examples.

If you are struggling with the above questions and need help, a goal and accountability coach will be able to help you move forward.

Sharing Your Goals

Another important element in successfully achieving your goals, is sharing them with the right people.

And by right people, I mean those who will truthfully and honestly give you their knowledgeable opinions and insights when asked.

You simply do not need naysayers in your corner.

Many people are automatically hardwired to see things negatively, whether they have knowledge or not.

You want mentors who understand the path to success and can encourage and motivate you to take the right steps towards your vision.

Successful people understand this and seek to surround themselves with mentors, coaches and other successful people.

I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage. While cheesy, it is true…if you want to fly high, you’ve got to fly with the eagles.

Crows just squawk.

Start on Your Goals Now

Don’t wait to get started working towards your goals, or time and opportunity will pass you by.

If you have a goal, dream or vision, start by writing it out and get the process going.

Seek out those who can assist you with positive feedback, insights and support, and who will help motivate you to take consistent action.

If you do these steps, one day you will look back on your journey of accomplishment and see how it all started by deciding what you wanted and expressing it clearly.

You can indeed create your own lifestyle, you just have to take action!

To your success!