At some point when working on your goals, you might decide to look for a coach to help you make faster progress. If you’re thinking about hiring a coach, use these essential qualities below to help you find a truly effective coach who’s going to offer you the best support possible.

The Top 5 Qualities of a High-Quality Coach

1. A high-quality coach uses a system

Your coach should have a general method or system for coaching you. There should be a routine-like element to their program so that you know what to expect each week, each month or each coaching session. Using a system or method creates stability and purpose in the coaching program. This means that the coach might ask you a similar set of questions each session and in a certain order. There is nothing random about good coaching.

2. A high-quality coach helps you create an achievable action plan

A good coach will help you to discover and develop the goals and vision you’re thinking of working on. This plan should be simple and clear, using the fewest words possible. It’s much easier to take action on simple plans, rather than complex, detailed ones. Your action plan can be a “living document” which means you’re free to adjust it, as needed, and as your situation evolves. You don’t need to worry about being locked in to a plan you created 2 years ago.

3. A high-quality coach keeps you accountable

Most of us take a lot more action when we’re accountable to someone else. Accountability creates a sense of responsibility; we usually don’t want to let someone else down. We also like to share our successes with other people and we enjoy getting encouragement and praise from people we respect. Your coach should have a strong element of accountability in their program. The most basic form of accountability is: “What are you going to do and by what date will you do it?” If the coaching program uses accountability, you’ll get a lot more accomplished than if you’re just working on your own.

4. A high-quality coach has empathy

The goals you’re working on will often be quite challenging and at times, stressful. You might experience a range of fears and self-doubt when going after a big goal. You might make mistakes or feel like you’re failing at your goals.

Your coach needs to have cultivated a strong level of true empathy in order to help you through any challenges you’re going through. They should have an ability to “feel” the situation as though they were you.

An empathetic coach practices deep listening. They are present with you when they listen. Their mind isn’t wandering and thinking about their own personal issues or anything not related to the coaching session or client. They focus on YOU.

A coach with empathy is relatable. They might tell you a relevant personal story from their lives. They might talk about a time that they made a mistake or fell short on their goal. A good coach is confident but not egotistical. Stay away from showboating coaches who are overly-focused on themselves.

5. A high-quality coach is reliable

A good coach is punctual and shows up on time, prepared for a coaching session with you. They rarely cancel appointments with you and if they cancel, they only do it if it’s completely unavoidable. They’re predictable and you can rely on them.

They have a strong sense of professionalism (while remaining friendly and relatable, as opposed to “cold professionalism”). They also maintain your privacy and confidentiality.

If your coach or potential coach has these above traits, then you’ve found a high-quality coach. If even one of these traits is missing, the coaching (and your results) will be lower-quality.

Any other essential qualities that a coach should have? Let me know in the comment section below.

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