Goals. You’ve got to have them.

In order to be successful and highly productive, one needs to be able to clearly identify what it is they desire to accomplish.

But… Making your goals clear is only one stage in their realization.

Once we have taken that first step and established what it is that we are working towards, it is then time to take action.

This is where many people stumble.

Perhaps you suffer from chronic procrastination, or your days are filled with distractions that gobble up your precious time.

For many, they just aren’t sure which steps to take next and their goals always remain just out of reach.

Whatever the case, don’t beat yourself up too badly. We all struggle with the challenge of getting things done and maintaining our motivation.

Fortunately, there are strategies and solutions that you can apply immediately to turn yourself into a goal-reaching machine.

One of the most effective tools that I have found, is to make use of an accountability service.

What is Accountability Exactly?

Accountability is all about helping you reach your goals in the most efficient and sustainable way possible.

This is done through consistent effort over time.

Your accountability coach will help you reverse engineer who you have to be and what you have to do in order to get where you want to be.

They will assist you in developing a set of action steps to carry out, provide you with resources and helpful strategies, and motivate and encourage you to keep moving forward.

The real secret of accountability, however, is the power in having an external and objective voice, whose sole purpose is in supporting you, keeping you on target, and constantly vectoring you towards your achievements.

Let’s explore a run-down of the reasons why accountability is so effective for reaching your goals.

Human Nature and the Challenge of Motivation

Left to our own devices, it can be far too easy to flounder and settle into a state of unproductive behaviour.

It is arguable that we are naturally lazy creatures and would prefer to take the path of least resistance, if given the choice.

When has there been a time when going to the beach wasn’t a popular idea, after all?

We look forward to vacations for a reason.

So, when you take on an accountability coach, you are no longer a solo voice in the wilderness.

You are now part of a team.

Think of it as having a training partner. On those days where you aren’t up for the gym, your partner (i.e., your accountability coach) will be there to coax you and keep you motivated.

I would like to add that it is certainly possible to maintain your self-discipline and motivation on your own, but successful entrepreneurs and business owners know that it is the long-term effort that counts, and we all wane at some point in time.

Using a coach ensures your long-term success.

Furthermore, knowing that you’re accountable to someone encourages you take more action and forces you to step up your game.

Who wants to report to their coach, “Yeah, I didn’t do any of the things I said I was going to do”?

Motivation ebbs and flows, so a savvy entrepreneur looks to use as many motivational tools as possible.

How Conditioning Affects Your Ability to Reach Your Goals

Since our early years in school, we have been trained to accomplish and finish tasks in order to receive approval (i.e., good grades and teacher’s praise), and to avoid disapproval (i.e., punishment and bad grades).

Slowly, our personal inner drive and motivation withers and the effects of this conditioning can carry over into our adult lives.

Entrepreneurs and self-employed people are most at risk of not finishing tasks as they don’t have a boss or anyone obligating them to take action.

In this situation, accountability works as a middle ground, where your coach and you work together to see that your goals are accomplished, and you resurrect your internal self-motivation and become your own source of approval.

Accountability Helps You Take Consistent Action

Accountability is effective because it provides a thread of consistency between you and the awareness of your goals.

Having someone to report to keeps you sharp and keeps your goals present in your mind.

The more present you are with your goals, the greater your focus.

Working with an Accountability Coach Gives You Objectivity

Even Tiger Woods has a coach to help him with his swing. That’s because his coach can see things that Tiger cannot due to his perspective of objectivity.

Your accountability coach works in just the same way. He or she will be able to identify your weakest links and suggest areas where you can improve your productivity and efficiency.

You Treat it Like an Investment

When you decide to put some skin into the game, you will take it more seriously.

Friends and family can’t really hold you accountable, because they usually don’t have time, and they may be hesitant to give you feedback on sensitive issues because they would run the risk of damaging their relationship with you.

Accountability is an obligation to report actual, real-world actions that you took.

There’s simply nowhere to hide and you don’t want to waste your money, right?

Accountability Boosts Your Success

I trust that you have a better understanding of accountability and the power of its application after reading this article.

Now, you might suggest that I have a bias towards accountability, and you know what? You’re right.

This is because I know it works, and I know this because I have seen the repeated and consistent success of my clients.

I also know it works because I use accountability myself to keep me motivated to continually reach my goals.

So, don’t miss out on the chance to harness the effectiveness of this simple, yet dynamic process.

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  1. Great Article Nigel!

    There are a lot of succinctly defined ideas here. It would probably be good for me to go over this again; the concepts built on one another. Having done accountability with you for some time now, I can appreciate what you’re talking about and it gets me absolutely stoked to keep rolling in my accountability work with you! You absolutely nail the issue of conditioning from public schooling and I love the solution you have for co creating a, new, motivational skill base with the help of a skillful guide. This process has been great so far and the sky is the limit.

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