Have you ever felt like things are just out of control in your life? Too many things to do (that you never seem to be able to finish), too many ongoing multiple challenges and internally, you often feel a pressure or weight on you.

Not very fun or relaxing to be in this hectic, hurried state.

Unexpected issues keep popping up. “What? I just fixed one problem yesterday and now I have to deal with this one too? Help!”

5 Ways to Manage Chaos

1. Tackle one thing at a time

Prioritize your tasks in the order that will make the biggest impact on reducing that out-of-control feeling. Which tasks will reduce your stress the most, if you complete them? Which tasks are truly urgent AND important? Write those tasks down and execute! Just focus on completing one task at a time.

2. Stay solution-oriented

Don’t focus on what’s missing, what’s broken, what’s not working. Focus on your ideal outcome, on your best possible situation. Ask yourself, “What do I need to do differently to fix this situation?”. This question will give you some possible positive actions that you can take. It is definitely possible for you to cultivate a solution-oriented mind and doing this will give you the ability to tame any chaos around you.

3. Watch your words

Words have a certain force or energy behind them. Use them carefully. Choose words that will help you solve your challenges faster. Avoid negative words that will keep you in the clutches of anxiety and busyness. When someone asks you how your week is going, instead of replying, “It’s insane. All I’ve done is rush around all week.”, you could take say, “I’m pretty busy but I’m taking care of things one by one.” Big difference between those two sentences…Same situation, different way of viewing it.

4. Stop pushing so damn hard.

Back off a bit (or maybe even quite a bit!). Re-think your situation. Stop reacting to everything that seems urgent…Instead, take thoughtful action. Choose what you want to do during your day with intention. Take some time during your week to rest and recuperate. You’ll find that by backing off and not pushing so hard, you’ll become more productive, have an increased ability to creatively solve problems and you’ll feel a lot more relaxed.

5. Cultivate a calm mind

Yes, that’s possible! …even if you think you’re an overly-emotional or hysterical person. Your personality, habits and behaviour are NOT set in stone. You can change. Start a practice like meditation, deep-breathing, or affirmations to help you create a calm mind.

Have you heard this advice before but you didn’t take action on it? Well, now is the time. Don’t delay any longer. Make a quick plan for taking action. Do some brief writing or journalling to take your first step towards getting the chaos under control.

When you take thoughtful action, life gets easier. Start with small steps and then grow from there.

Keep going for your goals!


Nigel Cook
Accountability Coach
Holding Your Feet to the Fire

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