You might be curious as to some of the details that I take care of when getting ready for a coaching session. I try to do things intentionally in life and I want to keep refining and improving my process in everything I do.

How do I prepare for a coaching session with my clients?

1. I create a quiet space for the call

I live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, which is one of the noisiest places I’ve ever lived. I don’t want my clients to hear any distracting background noises (roosters, traffic, barking dogs, travelling fish vendors, or people who sell “eloootees!” which is corn on the cob). The coaching sessions are for my client exclusively. This is their time.

I close the windows and doors in my office to block out any potential noise from outside. In summer, it’s really hot and humid here, so I turn on the fan but only to a low speed which is quiet enough that it won’t create background noise. This means that during summer, I sweat a bit during the call but I want a really quiet space for my clients.

2. I quiet my mind and block out time before the call to focus.

This means that I turn off any music about 15 minutes before the call. I’m not watching videos, doing work, errands or having any conversations with anyone right before our call. I always keep 30 minutes of space between client calls as well.

I want to be in a quiet, focused mind-space before our call even starts. If I engage in too much activity right before our call, there is the possibility that I may become internally distracted. I need to be 100% focused on my client and the call, from start to finish.

3. I review their Accountability Report before our call.

Every week, clients send me their Accountability Report which is their weekly review that gives me an overview of their tasks, habits, successes, challenges for the previous week, plus their plan for the upcoming week.

I check to see if they took action on their plan for the previous week. I make a note of any tasks or habits that they fell behind on so that I can ask them about it during our coaching session. I also make a note of any questions I have for them or potential ideas/solutions, as well as any resources that might help them reach their goals faster.

4. I show up to the coaching appointment on time.

I don’t cancel unless I’m physically unable to speak or get out of bed due to illness. I rarely (maybe 2 or 3 times in the last 3 years) change appointment times and I avoid it unless absolutely necessary.

My clients all have really busy schedules. I can’t waste their time. I need to be ready for our call on time, every week, no matter what. I have to be absolutely reliable and consistent. I want our weekly sessions to be an anchor for my clients’ week. Something they can count on, without fail.

5. I send my client a Skype message to ask them if I can call them.

I message them first to give them a bit of time to plug in their headset or pull up any relevant info, like their Accountability Report or tasks and habits on their computer before we start our call. I feel that just phoning them on Skype without warning is a bit jarring so I like to give them a head’s up first.

6. I have my client’s Accountability Report in front of me during the call.

I want to look at their Accountability Report while I’m speaking with my clients. During the call, I usually go through the report in a systematic way so that we don’t miss anything important. This gives the call some structure and consistency. Being random and unfocused is not going to be helpful for my clients at all.

The last thing you’ll hear from me is, “So, what do you want to talk about today?”. No way…Every session has a general structure to it and has pre-planned items we review together.

It’s the little details that make the difference between average service and outstanding service. I want to make sure that I’m providing the best possible service to my clients.

Ok, thanks for tuning in and reading…Keep going for your goals!

Until next time,


Nigel Cook
Accountability Coach
Holding Your Feet to the Fire

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