When it comes to actually achieving the goals that you set for yourself, you aren’t likely to progress too far without a good supply of your own personal motivation.

And we’re not just talking about a one-time moment of excitement and energy.

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Unless, of course, it’s for a simple goal that you can accomplish in a very short amount of time.

No, I’m talking about the kind of motivation that you need on a daily basis.

The kind that will see you through, week after week, as you strive to accomplish larger long-term goals that involve building lifestyles, careers, financial wealth and personal health.

This kind of motivation is like a self-sustaining fire.

How are your motivation levels? Do you struggle with lack of motivation?

Well, the simple fact is that we all do at some point.

But, working with the right solutions to this issue is what separates those who achieve their goals, from those who give up and only entertain lingering dreams of what could be.

Use a Few Motivational Carrots

Think of the classic farmer and his donkey.

If the farmer gives up the whole carrot at the beginning of their journey, the donkey is probably going to sit on his ass pretty quickly.

That’s why the farmer hangs the carrot from a stick just out of reach, so the donkey will keep plodding towards that carrot for the entire trip.

You can use a motivational carrot too by keeping your goals visible to you. By seeing your goals regularly, this will motivate you to take action.

Write them out and leave them on your desk where you will easily see them. Use sticky notes and place them next to mirrors, on the fridge, or other areas that you look at every day.

You could even create a vision board, your dream for the future. Your vision should inspire you; you should feel excited when you look at your goals or think about them.

The point is to have those dreams and goals on the forefront of your mind by triggering them visually.

Reward Yourself After You Take Action

Your carrot can also be a pure reward.

If you are experiencing a lull in your motivation, you can encourage yourself to take action by rewarding yourself upon completion of a specific task. Plan out your reward before completing a task that you’ve been procrastinating on or avoiding.

For example: “I’ll watch a movie after I complete a few hours on my project, not before.” Or “I’ll go out socializing with a few good friends after I organize my office.”

Keep in mind all of the benefits that you will receive if you continue to take action towards your goals. Those future benefits are also your reward. Better health, more energy, stronger finances, an enjoyable lifestyle or whatever else will compel you to move forward on your goals.

Look at the short-term and long-term benefits as your personal rewards and this will help you to keep taking action.

Reach Out to Your Support Network

Another tool for sustained motivation is to surround yourself with supportive friends, mentors and coaches who are aware of your goals and the efforts you are making to achieve them.

They will be in your corner, with your interests at heart, and can help to motivate you when you are needing that extra nudge.

If inertia strikes, your support network will help to reinvigorate your motivation, refocus your thoughts and energy, and remind you of the goals you have declared to be important.

Final Thoughts for Keeping Yourself Motivated

There’s no big secret to staying motivated, it’s more about discipline.

But, the more you make use of these kinds of strategies, the quicker the progress you are going to make, and the better chance you have for long-term success.

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A few questions for you…What strategies do you use to motivate yourself? What difficulties have you had in staying motivated? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Great post Nigel – really insightful. For me it all starts with having that big powerful unwavering something-to-die-for REASON WHY. Without that, no level of self-discipline or willpower will carry you through the troughs; but that powerful reason why will help you knock down walls. It brings with it your passion and purpose. It helps you remained centred and focused. Oh, and there’s nothing like a bit of daily personal accountability along the way…… speak soon. David

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