Let’s start off with a simple truth…

Your habits create the future that you’re going to live.

As your habits go, so do you.

And that’s because we are the result of what we do each and every day. That’s another simple truth.

Productive growth habits will create one possible future.

Time-wasting destructive habits…. Another future.

So, are you implementing these 3 financial habits in your life?  

Because if you’re not, they could be costing you.

Habit #1 – Paying attention to your numbers

Do you stay on top of your financials?

This means having an active awareness of your net worth, what you’re grossing each month, and what you’re netting.

It means being very aware of your spending habits and keeping track where your money is going.

If you’re not on top of this, if you’re not actively managing your financials, how can you expect to become successful?

You could be hemorrhaging cash on something completely avoidable and you might not even know it.

That auto-renewing membership that you never use, for example.  The frivolous spending, the totals of which you weren’t even aware of.

When you consistently track and review your spending and your income, you take measures to stop any of those leaks.  

You afford yourself the opportunity to look at the totals for your monthly sour candy habit and say, “Do I really want to spend my hard-earned cash on that?”

Maybe you do, but at least you’ll be aware and making the choice with full knowledge.

So that’s habit number one.

Habit #2 – Pay Yourself First

Now, this doesn’t mean just giving yourself that 10% or whatever you want to pay yourself, and going out and buying ‘stuff’.  

Splashing out on clothes and dining in fancy restaurants.


This means paying yourself before you spend.  Taking that percentage of income, saving it and investing it.

No matter how much or how little you earn in your life, you have to have this habit if you want to grow your wealth.

And as far as investing goes, seek some wise counsel and let them advise you on how to make your money work for you.

Then you go buy that sweet leather jacket you’ve been eyeing.

Habit #3 – Constantly improving your earning potential  

This means doing what it takes to increase your income year after year.

How do you do this?

You’ve got to keep learning and growing your skills and knowledge.

You have to find ways to keep adding value to the marketplace.

You have to find ways to leverage your time and leverage the money that you do have.

So there you go…

3 financial habits that can drastically improve the future life you end up living.

Ready for more?

Check out this short blog article on what to do to have more self control.

Keep going for your goals!


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