Many of us are looking for the “magic bullet”, an instant solution to our problems:

Take away this pain (stress, anxiety, doubt, fear, anger) NOW!

We want some method, system, piece of knowledge or advice that will make everything work out perfectly for us (ideally, by the end of today, please).

Bad news…The magic bullet doesn’t exist.

So… What works?

There aren’t easy, instant solutions but at least there are solutions. Here is one idea for now (it’s probably the most important one):

Manage your mind and emotions

This awareness practice takes time to cultivate and that’s probably why we don’t stay consistent with trying to manage our minds. It is well worth the effort though.

We often think that thoughts and beliefs are permanent: “I’m stuck like this.” “This is who I am.” “That’s just my personality: I’m scattered and disorganized.”

Your beliefs are malleable. You can change them. Takes a bit of time and some sustained effort but it’s definitely possible. You can go from believing “I’m a total failure.” to “I’m successful every day.”

Another barrier is that our thoughts and belief systems are near-invisible. They’re very “slippery”. We can’t see them so easily unless we regularly practice mindfulness and awareness.

How can I work on redirecting and reshaping my thoughts and beliefs when they’re so intangible?

As always, start small and easy.

Build a gentle awareness practice through meditation or breath awareness. Start with just a few seconds here and there. Observe your thoughts as though you were an objective scientist. Get some “distance” between you and your thoughts.

As you continue to bring your attention back to your thoughts throughout your day, your awareness and mastery over your mind and emotions will grow.

One of the most helpful insights is: Some of your thoughts aren’t even true!

So, you don’t have to always believe them.

You WILL have success in your business or career. You WILL find solutions to any health issues you’re dealing with. You WILL stay disciplined and in a way that works for you.

All these positive statements are just as real as the negative statements that usually bounce around in our minds.

Don’t believe those negative thoughts.

Stay focused on your ideal outcomes. Practice all your small, cumulative habits that will guide you towards your goals. And challenge yourself to figure out how to enjoy the process along the way.

The magic bullet doesn’t exist…but taking action does. And it’s way more effective than hoping, dreaming and wishing.

If you stay in thoughtful action-taking mode, you will succeed in whatever you’re working on and you will find solutions to any challenges you’re facing!


Nigel Cook
Accountability Coach
Holding Your Feet to the Fire

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