Hey there, I hope things are going really well for you this week. I know you’ve probably got a lot on your plate, juggling your livelihood, household tasks, time spent with family or friends, as well as personal events and activities…plus, I’m sure that you also like to get some sleep from time to time. ; )

Keep making the small shifts needed to help you manage all of the many things you might be spending time on. It’s those small habit changes that often add up to make a big difference.

Ok, here’s a short tip to help boost your productivity. Put it into action. Test it out and see how it works for you.

Quick Tip: Boost your productivity with an organized physical space

If you’re at home or in your office, look around the room that you’re in. If you’re not at home or in your office, then put an image in your mind of your home or office. How does it look? More importantly, how does it feel?

Is this a comfortable, relaxing space that helps you be more productive? Is the room you’re in a clean, organized space with just a few items in it?

Or is it full of items and mostly disorganized? Are there several items lying around that you rarely use?

A tidy physical space will help you feel more relaxed. With relaxation comes mental clarity and more productivity. If your workspace is an attractive space to be in, you will enjoy working in it.

To make sure that this email doesn’t remain just a nice idea, commit to spending just 10 minutes sometime today to organize your most important room (typically, your office or bedroom).

Of course, you probably won’t completely organize your room in just 10 minutes but the idea is to just get started. If you commit to 10 minutes, you might notice that you end up doing a lot more.

Or you might decide to spend 10 minutes/day for a few weeks to organize your work area. I have a few clients who have done this and after a few weeks of chipping away each day, they end up with a clean, organized living area or work area.

Most of us can find 10 minutes to work on a focused task or habit each day.

Our physical environment and “ambience” of a room does affect our mental state. A clear room often promotes a clear mind.

If your space looks like a disaster to you, break the organization work down into smaller chunks.

Consistency and commitment to the task will help you see (and experience) some really good benefits from being in a clean, organized physical space.

So…Are you going to spend 10 minutes today to organize the room you work in?

Yeah, I’m being pushy…I know. But I am an accountability coach so I’m allowed to be pushy sometimes. Besides…If I push you in just the right way, it’ll help you reach your goals and ultimately, have more of the positive experiences that you’re looking for in life. : )

Keep going for your goals!


Nigel Cook
Accountability Coach
Holding Your Feet to the Fire

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