Did you plan out your most important tasks for the week? If not, I highly recommend doing that every Sunday evening before the busyness of your week begins on Monday.

List up to five main tasks that you really need to get done for the upcoming week. Schedule them into your calendar. Then, take action on them.

Ok, switching gears to today’s topic…

Procrastination Nation

There are lots of ways to procrastinate. Endless really.

But what’s the most common one that many of my clients (and most people I know) struggle with? What procrastination habit is the one that silently chews up a ton of your time every day?

Spending time on the internet.

We love being online. It’s a resource, a learning tool, our way to communicate.

It’s also our preferred procrastination method.

Why is using the internet our favourite way to procrastinate?

It’s too easy, it’s right in front of us, within arm’s reach at all times.

Computers and mobile devices are both where we work AND where we get our entertainment and distraction.

Many of our online activities have an addiction aspect to them and are related to the neurotransmitter dopamine, as this article in Psychology Today talks about.

What’s the solution to our internet addiction?

  • Use app-blocking software like Freedom or RescueTime.
  • Even better, remind yourself continually of your long-term goals and vision. Use this as motivation to minimize your online procrastination.
  • Stay in “action-mode”. Reading, learning and research are helpful but you need to focus on real, concrete actions if you want to reach your goals and cultivate the habits you know will support you in both the short-term and long-term.
  • Tell yourself often that you have self-discipline, that you’re in control of your behaviour and that you’re the one who chooses how you spend your time.
  • Turn off your app and email notifications and check for messages manually, as needed. If that seems extreme, then set notifications for just once every hour or two.

It is crucial to minimize online procrastination, distraction and entertainment if you ever want to reach your financial, business, career and personal goals.

Stay focused, keep making adjustments wherever you can throughout your day.

You’ve got limited time to make it happen, so use your time wisely. Your goals are worth it — Give them the full time and attention they deserve!


Nigel Cook
Accountability Coach
Holding Your Feet to the Fire

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