We all get down on ourselves sometimes. We all can feel like we’ve been stomped on by life’s big, over-sized boot. Sometimes our confidence is lower than an ostrich’s head, buried in the sand.

Do you know many people who are confident and carefree, every day, all day?

Nope, I didn’t think so. Even those rare, consistently confident, optimistic people have some low moments once in awhile.

Us humans are moody, desirous creatures. And our desires, needs and pains often get the best of us.

Or sometimes life just gives us more challenges than we can handle.

We need to have solid strategies in place for when those low moments happen. Even just one strategy can help us get back up again.

Just One Kind Moment

When I hit a wall, when I hit my low moments, I sometimes think back to a few kind words that someone said about me or my abilities. Sometimes it literally is just a sentence or even a few words.

Remembering their words almost instantly stabilizes me and lifts me up.

I remember the sincerity of their compliment, the spontaneity of it. They were being honest.

They saw something in me and thought I was capable, smart, or unique . They believed I could achieve something. They saw something in me of value.

The thing to remember is…you inspired one person at some point. They complimented you, saw something interesting or valuable in you. Hopefully, you have many “kind moment” examples that you can use.

Keep referring back to that moment. Imprint those kind words, imprint that moment in your mind.

Remember how you felt: Inspired, relieved, a sense of calmness, confidence in yourself slowly building back up again.

Replay that memory in your mind when your confidence is low.

Accept their kind words as being true. Believe them and don’t crush the power of that moment by telling yourself that they were just being nice and that they didn’t really mean it.

Own the positive words that they said about you.

Keep your kind moments handy. Refer to them often. Remember how absolutely true they are. Use them to lift you up and keep you going.

Can you think of a kind moment in your life that helped boost your confidence? Share your moment and leave a comment below or email me.

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