Some people thought I was crazy for using this method, but then they noticed I was having success with my goals. Maybe not so crazy, after all.

And that’s because some of the old-school techniques for organization and success-building still work very, very well.

And they’re often simple.

I know we live in a digital world now.   

But those of us who were around before cell phones and the internet still cling to some of the more ‘old-fashioned’ ways.

And for good reason.

Because they’re tried and true.

So let me share with you my ‘old-school’ method I use to maintain high-functioning performance with optimal motivation and focus.

Index Cards

Yes.  You read that right.  Index cards.

Before we continue, I do want to note that I’m not technologically adverse.  I use technology as much as I possibly can if it will help me reach my goals quicker.

But there is something about the tactile nature of putting pen to paper.  You can hold the paper in your hand and you’re able to see it all the time, not just when the tab is open or the notification bleeps.

So I use both digital and analog in a holy union of productivity oneness.

Now, let’s talk index cards.

They’re cheap, they’re sturdy and they have nice little lines on them so you can write legibly. 

Does that matter?  Well, yes.  Yes it does.

Be not sloppy in thine ways, lest thee appear sloppy in thine ways.

Do everything well.  Do everything optimally.  If you want optimal results in all ways.

Index cards are guideposts on your journey to success 

And you start that journey each and every day you wake up.

So I have four index cards that I read upon wakening to set my mindset, encourage my performance, inspire my vision, and remind me how to get there.

Card One: Your Vision

Take the card and write out the lifestyle you want to live.  Be specific.  

Where do you want to live?  How much money you want to make?  What you want to do with that money?

Now turn it over and write out the major steps you need to accomplish in order to achieve this vision.

You might need to stop and think this through, but they’re as important as the vision itself.

Just taking this time to do so will set you on your path with more empowerment.

Card Two: Accountability Habits

Here’s what I recommend:

Get an accountability partner.  If you ask a friend or business partner to help you stay accountable, make sure that they are self-motivated, reliable, and a high-achiever (or aspiring high-achiever).

You can give me a call if you can’t find someone who can consistently and objectively keep you accountable.  It is my profession, after all.

The idea is that you will make your partner aware of the habits you are going to implement or conquer so they can hold you accountable.

But if you can’t find someone straight away, the card will still help.

Now start with one habit.

Write down either one time-sucking or negative habit that you want to minimize or eliminate, or one growth habit you want to introduce that will help you achieve.

Every week or two weeks, write another habit you want to work on.

And on and on until you’ve achieved Hologram Yoda status.

Card Three: Business Goals

This is where you get a little more specific.

Only focus on the business goals that you have.

Specific financial targets, for example.

Now right down the micro-steps you will have to take to get there.

This is another process of reverse engineering.

It’s important because it anchors your focus and reminds you what you have to do each day to reach your goals.

Card Four: Motivation

Include here some wise and inspirational quotes that get you fired up and in the right mindset.

Now read these cards out loud to yourself.

Do it each and every morning when you wake up, before you start your day.  Before you start building your empire.

This is how you reach your goals faster, the old-school way.

And if you combine it with all the other gems from Master Your Productivity, you’ll soon be advising me on how to achieve success.  

Until next time. : )


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